Spotmix is a unique patented feeding system which allows individual valve by valve feeding without any residues or rest quantity in the feed lines. Spotmix is particularly suited to weaner pigs where a number of diets are being fed to piglets of varying age and weight. The Spotmix feeding system eliminates the problem of off flavours from low feed turnover in long feed lines as seen in traditional wet feed systems.

How it works

The precise feed portion is measured, prepared and mixed for each feeding valve. The feed portion is then transported to the feed valve in a stream of air. At the feed valve, water is added to the feed at pressure, so the feed arrives in the trough as wet feed. The portion mixer itself consists of two chambers which allow the preparation of the next portion of feed while the current portion is being delivered. Warm water can be fed on a trough by trough basis which is particularly useful in the period directly after weaning, and ensures that piglets get off to the best start possible. If desired, dry feed can be distributed to individual troughs also. The troughs are managed by probes.

Phase Feeding

The feed portion can consist of one or more feeds or feed ingredients, which makes the feeding system ideal for phase feeding and for gradual changes in the proportions of different feeds over a transition period. The computer can phase feeds over whatever transition period is desired.


The feed is transported dry from the feeding kitchen to the valve, and only then is mixed with water before dispensing at the trough. The distribution valve and drop pipe are then cleaned automatically with air and a small quantity of water. This process means that there is no residue in the lines after cleaning. As a result, no fermentation, feed spoilage or off-flavours can develop and this is reflected in the feed intakes and growth rates achieved.

Medicating Feed

Medication can be dosed into the feed via the medication/additive hoppers which can dose to an accuracy of 10g. It is possible to medicate on a trough by trough basis, to only the pens which need treatment.

Key Features

You can feed:

• Wet or dry on a pen by pen basis.
• Warm or cold water on a pen by pen basis.
• Medicated Feed on a pen by pen basis.
• Different diets to different pens without any cross contamination or dilution of feed.
• A blend of two or more feeds.
• Portions from 1kg per trough.
• Over 600kg of dry feed per hour.
• Feeding valves up to 300m away from the feeding kitchen.
• Up to 5000 pigs per Spotmix station.


Can you afford not to use Spotmix?