Spotmix Rotation Feed Distributor

• Easy to install to new and existing buildings
• Improved feeding performance.
• Maximum possible feeding hygiene
• Can produce Dry and Liquid feed
Feed cost savings thanks to optimised feed mixing and improved feed utilisation.
Higher accommodation turnover due to higher daily weight gain



Individual Feeding Point – allowing each Pen its own unique diet

Residue-Free Feeding For Pens with no waste resulting in top quality Hygiene.

Exact Energy & Protein Matching each pens feed intake requirements resulting in improved performance.



Multiplephase Feeding – this system has the capability of producing multiple diets with no cross contamination.

Economy Feeding Scales accurate to within +/- 10g.

Low Running Cost Rapid Feed Transportation exceeds 1000kg per hour.

With a revolutionary European patent, the Spotmix feeder delivers residue free wet feeding for piglets from weaning onwards. Spotmix ensures fresh feed is delivered at each feeding resulting in hygienic clean lines and flexibility in feeding.


The Schauer Spotmix feeding system – the ultimate system in young pig feeding.