Manufactured from high quality components, the Schauer Liquid Feeding System allows restricted and ad lib feeding of sows and pigs. The turbojet cleaning system gives well proven residue free feeding and further options such as ozone tank fogger ensures optimal tank hygiene. The Schauer Wet Feeding systems – always one idea ahead.

• Extremely efficient in disinfection against bacteria, yeasts and fungi
• Very low running costs.



Over 35 Years Experience Innovative computer technology guaranteeing functionality & reliability.

Stainless Steel Hexagonal Mixer Tank – in comparison to square tanks, its unique design has gentle corners which prevents the build-up of feed in corners.

Frequency centrifugal pump system – economical & accurate feed delivery – particularly for adlib troughs & farrowing sows

Multifunction Feeding – options of restricted, adlib & residue-free feeding from the one computer system

Unique cleaning systems

• Easy Ozone/ 7 Stage Cleaning Tank sterilisation & rotating cleaning jets
• Feedline ‘Blow Back’ system for extensive hygiene.