Schauer has more than 15 years experience in Electronic Sow Feeding, and this, combined with the superior build quality of their equipment, has ensured that they are the market leader in many European countries.

Group Housing

Experience has shown that sows perform best when kept in groups and have full freedom of movement and are protected from stressful situations at feeding times. Stress free group housed sows produce heavier and more uniform litters, and also farrow faster due to better muscle tone.

Schauer’s Compident Electronic Sow Feeding complies with all the EU legislation, and satisfies all the requirements of a modern feeding and management system.

How it Works

The sow enters the station via the entry gate at the rear of the station. A sensor inside the station detects her presence and closes the rear gate to prevent a second sow entering behind her. The sow is then identified by a transponder in her ear. If the sow is due feed, the trough swivels into the station and begins to pulse the dry feed in small portions (approximately 100g), and releases water into the bowl simultaneously. Feeding continues until the sow has received her full daily allowance. This is followed by an “eating up period” which allows the sow to finish eating.

After this time has lapsed, the bowl swivels out of the station (so the sow no longer has access), and the back door of the station opens, allowing the next sow to gain entry. If a sow is selected for any reason, the selection door changes and the sow exits to a selection area, rather than through the normal gate to return to the herd. Should the sow leave the station before all her allowance of feed has been dispensed, the computer ceases feeding, retracts the trough, opens the rear gate and allows another animal to enter. When the sow returns (which was partially fed), the computer resumes feeding of the unfed portions.

A boar detection unit is also available which detects repeat animals visiting the boar. These animals can be colour sprayed or selected for closer examination of possible repeats.

Key Features

  • Strong, durable station design with stainless steel feeding bowl and stainless steel legs.
  • Reliable functioning for stress-free feeding.
  • Each station is designed to feed 80 sows.
  • Individual sow feeding which ensures you can feed every sow to condition/requirements.
  • Individual animals or groups can be easily selected for vaccination, pregnancy checking, farrowing etc. Once selected, they exit into the selection area at the next feeding.
  • Numerous feed curves can be programmed to cater for all parities and sow condition scores.
  • The station is a straight walk-through which allows the sow to leave the station at any time and greatly reduces aggression.
  • A double gated exit sluice prevents any aggression when leaving the station, which could also lower animal throughput.
  • Feeding bowl only swivels in if the sow is due feed, so there are no rewards for sows which are not entitled to feed.
  • 140 litre feeding hoppers on each station hold large reserves of feed from each activation of the main feed auger.
  • An optional hand terminal is also available which allows data to be entered or adjusted for individual sows which attract your attention when walking the herd. This data is transferred automatically to the main computer when the hand terminal is returned to the docking station.
  • Transponders are re-usable.
  • Automatic motion detection in the station detects and selects any sow with no transponder.


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