Makeway supplies a wide range of pig feeders from the farrowing stage to the finisher stage.

Creep Feeders

• PVC or stainless round feeders
• Single or double creep trays
• Hopper creep feeders
• Suitable for dry and liquid (milk) feed


Tube Feeders

• Available in single & double space units
• Integrated drinkers
• Adjustable feed distribuation
• Available Stainless or polymer concrete
• Hygienic sealed hoppers


Dry Hopper Feeders

• Available in various sizes
• Suitable for pigs of all stages
• Adjustable slides
• Smooth hygienic surfaces for ease of cleaning



Wet Dry Feeders

• Available in single & multi spaces units
• Integrated drinkers
• Adjustable Slides
• Available in stainless or polypropylene



Ad lib/Probe/Troughs

• Suitable for 1st stage weaners to Finishers
• Unique design to minimize feed wastage
• Easy clean
• Hygienic design




• Single boar or farrowing troughs
• Available in stainless, polymer concrete & PVC
• Grower & finisher trough in various lengths
• Single & double trough designs available