Makeway supplies pens that are designed and equipped to maximise the pigs potential and also for the benefit of those who work in the pig house.

Through our international partners we have access to experts within plastics, stainless steel and polymer concrete. We can provide the complete package of penning equipment with options of plastic, stainless, galvanised penning systems to suit pigs of all stages. Makeway strives to ensure that our prices and quality fulfill the wishes and expectations of our customers.


• Multiple layout possibilities
• Smart design
• Robust quality
• Easily operated single-hand doors
• Easy-to-clean materials
• Pen design free of blind angles and concealed spots



• Available in a range of heights (500mm – 1200mm)
• Close connection to the floor prevents manure outflow onto the corridors
• Partitions available closed in full height or partly open with steel or plastic pipes for additional visability, ventilation and strength
• Time is minimised on cleaning and hygiene is improved







• Good area utilization
• Great durability
• Competitive price
• Lower maintenance
• Time saving
A well-designed pen layout facilitates the maximum usage of area available and accelerates daily work routines with a minimum of manpower.




Covered creep area

• Draught-free environment
• Low maintenance
• Easy-to-clean surface
• Energy Saving with a dual climate environment
• Long durability





Gestation Pens

• Heavy construction
• Set-up makes it easier for farmers to artificially inseminate sows
• Improved working conditions
• Quick operation
• Faster movement of sows
• Controlled Boar contact
• Improved efficiency




Welfare Farrowing Crate

• Sows have more freedom to move
• Piglets find it easier to get to the bottom row of teets
• Various drinking solutions available
• High capacity plastic-trough 23L (Stainless trough 21L also available)
• Option of Piglet nestbox or heat pads
• Perforated rubber mat has helped reduce incidences of shoulder wounds