In the business of pig farming there is an ever-increasing pressure to perform at lower margins. It is vital that farmers’ make the right choices for building and feeding system design, in terms of durability and reliability of products used, and that these buildings and systems have the ability to deliver high performance at the lowest cost The high capital cost of investment can no longer be depreciated over a short time frame so it is important that the investment out-lives the financing or depreciation period. It is also vital that these systems are efficient to run from both a labour and energy perspective as both of these, along with feed make up the ‘top three’ costs which are ever present. If required, Makeway personnel can discuss and offer you advice with ‘hands on experience’ on many different options to meet your needs.

We provide full detailed specifications of any farm building designed to meet your needs and to suit your farm requirements

  • Slatted tanks
  • Feed channels
  • Concreting yards
  • Roofing
  • Site Excavation
  • Construction & Installation
  • Insulation
  • Any other required variations