Makeway Ltd supplies and installs a wide range of heating systems

FLOW-REX is a high quality control unit for regulation of the temperature of hot heating plates. Simple installation process for new or refurbishment projects


• Easy to install at the construction stage
• Simple fit for heat pumps & boilers
• Requires lower maintenance
• Extension options available


Heating Canopies

• Contains an insulated aluminium panel and a heat chamber where heat is evenly distributed. Pigs are able to utilise the entire lying area. Specially designed heating canopy to suit all stages
• Create the ideal microclimate for the comfort of the pig
• Easy to install with an option of automated raising/lifting mechanism & Requires low maintenance
• Savings on dual climate room heating can be up to 70%



Heat Pads

• Available for electric & water-heated systems
• Suitable for farrowing & weaner accommodation
• Available in various sizes
• Hygienic & Healthy pig environment
• Easy cleaning


Electric Heat Pad Controllers

• Analog & digital read out units available
• Temperature Sensors for creating the optimal environment
• Floor or wall mounted sensor options
• Integrated on/off switch options available