Drinking Systems and Accessories for Pigs

//Drinking Systems and Accessories for Pigs
Drinking Systems and Accessories for Pigs2017-03-24T09:43:37+00:00

1. Drinking Bowl Model 20
2. Drinking Bowl for Fattening Pigs
3. Drinking Bowl for Weaners, Finishers & Sows
4. Drinking Bowl Farrowing
5. Vacuum / Siphon Valve
6. Drinking Bowl for Piglets
7. Drinking Bowl for Sows & Boars
8. Heating Unit
9. Tip over drinking trough for sows
10. Stainless steel connection pipes
11. Nipple for Bowl & Feeder
12. Drinkers for Pigs
13. Nipple Drinker for Piglets
14. Nipple Drinker for fattening Pigs
15. Spraying Nipple for Pigs
16. Stainless Nipple Drinker Bracket
17. Stainless Tap off Clamp Saddles
18. Nipple drinker for Wet Dry Feeders


Full Range of Connections and Pipes

Available in Stainless Steel


PVC Pipes & Fittings










Pig Donut Toy

• Results in less stressed & less aggressiveness in pigs
• Helps reduce tail and ear biting
• Two sizes available (Weaners & Sows)



• Fitted for nursery, weaner & finishers
• Top hygiene
• No blind corners
• Reduces water wastage