Making Your Project Successful
In the business of pig farming there is an ever-increasing pressure to perform at lower margins. It is vital that farmers’ make the right choices for building and feeding system design, in terms of durability and reliability of products used, and that these buildings and systems have the ability to …More Info

Building & Equipment
Makeway can assist or fully design any project a farmer has in mind. We can offer you a turnkey solution in the development of your pig farming project. Our sales and advisor team have a combined knowledge of over 70 years. We can provide you with advice with all aspects of the planning process, such …More Info

Roofing and Walling Material
Makeway provides all types of buildings and equipment for flooring, penning and stalls. The company has developed a range of products such as Insulated pre-cast wall panels, which ensure long term durability, optimum insulation and subsequently building performance in terms of energy efficiency ratings …More Info

Insulation & Wall Panels
Wall PanelsPrefabricated insulated sandwich panels
Available in a range of thicknesses
Covering includes plastic coated steel or stainless steel
Ideal for dividing room gables between weaner, fattening or farrowing rooms
ISOBOX Wall Panel
External Aluminium 0.5mm
Internal Steel 0.5mm with Grey/White …More Info

Penning & Railing Systems
Makeway supplies pens that are designed and equipped to maximise the pigs potential and also for the benefit of those who work in the pig house.

Through our international partners we have access to experts within plastics, stainless steel and polymer concrete. We can provide the complete package …More Info

T5 Fluorescent Fittings
AA 35w
AA 80w AA
Twin 49w
Lower energy consumption
Low maintenance
Greater durability

The AA Spec: Full ABS & Acrylic fitting (ammonia resistant), impact resistant up to 5J of …More Info

Fibreglass Silos
In recent years fibreglass silos have become a popular choice when it comes to animal feed storage. Makeway specializes in fibreglass silos relating to construction, installation and advice.

Fiberglass silos are light, airtight and offer:
High mechanical resistance
Feed level Indicator
Long …More Info

Schauer Liquid Feeding
Makeway Ltd. operates in conjunction with Schauer in the installation of Liquid Feeding systems. Schauer have over 30 years experience in the field of liquid feeding. Quality, reliability and low maintenance are the key reasons for their success. All Schauer feeding systems have feed quality and hygiene …More Info

Schauer Liquid Feeding System
Manufactured from high quality components, the Schauer Liquid Feeding System allows restricted and ad lib feeding of sows and pigs. The turbojet cleaning system gives well proven residue free feeding and further options such as ozone tank fogger ensures optimal tank hygiene. The Schauer Wet Feeding …More Info

Schauer Spotmix – Residue Free Feeding
Overview Spotmix is a unique patented feeding system which allows individual valve by valve feeding without any residues or rest quantity in the feed lines. Spotmix is particularly suited to weaner pigs where a number of diets are being fed to piglets of varying age and weight. The Spotmix feeding …More Info



Schauer Spotmix Feed System (Weaners)
Spotmix Rotation Feed Distributor Easy to install to new and existing buildings
Improved feeding performance.
Maximum possible feeding hygiene
Can produce Dry and Liquid feed
Feed cost savings thanks to optimised feed mixing and improved feed utilisation.Higher accommodation turnover due to …More Info


Schauer COMPIDENT Dry Sow Feeding System
To ensure best performance from sows under the new EU animal welfare legislation. The Schauer Dry Sow Feeding Concept – the best on the market.
Individual Sow Feeding: Perfect Sow management using stockman & computer technologies.
Automatic Stock Selection: Individual Sow identification …More Info

Schauer COMPIDENT Electronic Sow Feeding
Schauer has more than 15 years experience in Electronic Sow Feeding, and this, combined with the superior build quality of their equipment, has ensured that they are the market leader in many European countries.
Group Housing Experience has shown that sows perform best when kept in groups and have …More Info



Funki Liquid & Dry Feeding Systems
ACO Funki has expertise in feed mixing, feed transport and dispensing systems.
Fibre glass reinforced polyester tank
Specially designed with Smooth interior surfaces
Easy-to-clean tanks ensures superior level of hygiene
Automatic rinsing system
Agitator ensures a homogeneous “feed soup” …More Info



Pig Feeders & Troughs
Makeway supplies a wide range of pig feeders from the farrowing stage to the finisher stage.
Creep FeedersPVC or stainless round feeders
Single or double creep trays
Hopper creep feeders
Suitable for dry and liquid (milk) feed
Tube FeedersAvailable in single & double space units
Integrated …More Info



Farrowing Flooring & Crates
Tenderfoot Flooring

Regarded as the best farrowing floor on the market.
Unique patented Plastisol coating Formula
Coating soft and strong
Available in any size
Formula contains a fungicide/bacteria inhibitor
Ultra violet stabilizers and a flame retardent.
High comfort for the sow
Providing …More Info

Pamperfloor Plastic Weaner SlatsHigh quality plastic slat rated for pigs up to 60 kgs liveweight
Standard openings
Slats measure 800mm x 500 mm
Strong stable flooring system for all weaner stages
Closed / Solid plastic slat panels available
Anti-waste MatsAnti-waste mats surrounding feeding trough:Helps …More Info



Hot Water Systems
Heating is a vital element of Intensive Pig Farming especially in the farrowing and weaning stages of pig development. In conjunction with RVR and Calor, Makeway has been working since the beginning of 2011 to find the most efficient, reliable combination of heat systems suitable for the Pig Industry …More Info

Heating Systems

Makeway Ltd supplies and installs a wide range of heating systems
FLOW-REX is a high quality control unit for regulation of the temperature of hot heating plates. Simple installation process for new or refurbishment projects
Benefits:Easy to install at the construction stage
Simple fit for heat pumps …More Info



Pest Control
Preventing the introduction of disease agents is a continuous challenge for pig producers. Rodents, flies, and birds can be sources of pathogens for pigs. Rodents can carry the agents that cause E. coli scours, atrophic rhinitis, Leptospirosis, Rotaviral Diarrhoea & Salmonellosis.

Makeway supplies …More Info

Drinking Systems and Accessories for Pigs
Drinking Bowl Model 20
Drinking Bowl for Fattening Pigs
Drinking Bowl for Weaners, Finishers & Sows
Drinking Bowl Farrowing
Vacuum / Siphon Valve
Drinking Bowl for Piglets
Drinking Bowl for Sows & Boars
Heating Unit
Tip over drinking trough for sows
Stainless steel …More Info