Makeway Ltd. has teamed up with Denkavit, a company based in the Netherlands to provide concentrates for piglet feed manufacturing to our customers. Denkavit exports feed concentrates all over the world, and is a company renowned for quality. Denkavit is its own largest customer, rearing 400,000 veal calves per year.

Denkavit is a specialist in the development and production of high quality feeds for young animals. Raw material quality is particularly important for young animals which are particularly sensitive to changes in feed composition or quality. These feeds are the result of much research, both in practice and in laboratories.

Research Facilities & Laboratories

Research is very important in Denkavit, and much of the research is carried out in their own research centre in Holland which consists of a 250 sow herd and approximately 600 calves. They have an additional 1300 calves on another experimental farm in France. All aspects of feed composition, feeding systems and animal husbandry are carefully tested.

Denkavit has its central laboratory at its main production facility in Voorthuizen, which has the ISO 9002 international quality standard certification. Here all raw materials are tested and monitored through wet chemistry and NIR (Near Infra Red) Spectroscopy.

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