Babymilk Plasma

An ideal supplement to sows milk for infant piglets in their first days of life.


  • Can be applied in the farrowing pen and for early weaning
  • Ideal for use in a rescue deck
  • Stays well in solution
  • Perfect for small piglets
  • Promotes better feed intake and higher growth because of added plasma

Download the Milkiwean babymilk leaflet

Precoce Premium

High Quality Prestarter

  • Promotes high feed intake after weaning
  • Ensures a healthy gut with well-developed villi
  • A faster development of immunity
  • Higher weights at weaning

Advantages of Precoce

  • High feed intake at an early stage
  • Meets higher performance: – higher body weight at weaning – higher daily gain after weaning
  • Stimulates digestion due to organic acids, enzymes, dairy products and extruded cereals
  • Appealing fruit-vanilla aroma and pleasant taste
  • Use of protein and starch sources that are also used in the starter and link feed
  • Can be used as dry or liquid feed

Weaning & Precoce

  • Utilise as a prestarter from 4-21 days old, with a recommended feed intake of 250 g/piglet.
  • From 10 days before weaning, Precoce can be mixed with Granito, starting with a mixture ratio of 3 to 1
  • A creep feed for early weaned piglets from 14 days until 5 days after weaning

Download the Milkiwean precoce leaflet

Milkiwean Feeder

The solution for partial weaning!
A specialised adapted feeding system that offers you the solution to wean young piglets if necessary.

Advantages of Milkiwean Feeder

  • Fresh feed produced
  • Less feed wastage
  • Warm feed
  • Regular feed intake for piglets
  • Feeds 25 – 30 piglets at once
  • By adjusting water supply, you can alter the texture of feed

Download the Milkiwean feeder leaflet

Milkiwean Nucleo/Vario

For a fast grow-out!

  • Nucleo/Vario are concentrates available in different inclusion rates
  • Nucleo: basic concentrates for a first and second feed during the battery period
  • Vario: first starter to facilitate the switch from prestarter or weaning feed
  • All needs for vitamins, minerals and trace elements are preserved if properly used
  • Nucleo contains specific organic acids that increase the protein digestibility and restrain the growth of harmful micro-organisms in the digestive system
  • The use of probiotica leads to a healthy digestive system
  • The appealing taste stimulates the feed intake
  • Vario was specifically developed for the transition or link phase to rear quickly growing piglets. To achieve this, it contains a balanced combination of dairy products, pretreated cereals and easily digestible fats


The outstanding weaner feed. A complete weaner feed for piglets of 14 + days

Advantages of Granito

  • Ensures a fast and high feed intake after weaning
  • Creates more uniform litters
  • Develops a healthy gut with well-developed villi
  • Promotes a faster development of immunity
  • Assists in the preparation of a homogeneous and
  • stable gruel
  • A highly digestible feed
  • Can be used with or without the Milkiwean feeder

Download the Milkiwean granito leaflet

Fishmeal Replacer

Great source of protein and healthy omega fatty acids.

Advantages of our product

  • Contains high quality salmon oil as a good source of omega fatty acids
  • Similar amino acid profile to fishmeal
  • This product is of vegetable origin
  • Contains organic acids, effective against salmonella and moulds
  • Contains a higher energy value than your typical fishmeal


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