The way of rearing piglets continues to evolve. Makeway in conjunction with Milkiwean & Farm-O-San specialises in these changes to the needs of the piglets and those of the farmer.

Milkiwean Product Range

  • Babymilk Plasma – Supplemental Milk with Plasma
  • Precoce Premium – High Quality Prestarter
  • Milkiwean Feeder – The solution for partial weaning
  • Milkiwean Nucleo/Vario – For a fast grow-out!
  • Granito – Starter Feed & Concentrates
  • Fishmeal Replacer – source of protein and healthy omega fatty acids

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Farm-O-San Product Range

  • Porforte – Piglet Energiser
  • Redipig – Electrolyte Treatment with Probiotic

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Denkavit & Makeway

Makeway Ltd. has teamed up with Denkavit, a company based in the Netherlands to provide concentrates for piglet feed manufacturing to our customers. Denkavit exports feed concentrates all over the world, and is a company renowned for quality. Denkavit is its own largest customer, rearing 400,000 veal calves per year

Product Range for Denkavit:

  • Denkapig Baby Wean (developed for piglets weaned between 3-6 kg of live weight)
  • Denkapig Enprolac (Fat Filled Milk Powder)
  • Denkapig Fishmeal Replacer (Protein Concentrate)
  • Denkapig Lactosafe is an acidified milk replacer to be fed as a supplement to sow’s milk
  • Denkapig Creep & Link Concentrates
  • Denkacid (Feed Acid, Preservative)

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For more information, speak to our Pig Feed and Nutritional expert:
Declan Murphy
Mobile: +353 87 2250642