Nuklospray Yoghurt

  • A complementary milk that provides protein and energy to the piglet
  • Higher dry matter intake from day 1
  • More weaned piglets per litter
  • Increased weaning weight
  • Smoother transition to solid feed
  • Small effort – Big effect

Download the Milkiwean yoghurt leaflet

Milkiwean Feeder

The solution for partial weaning! A specialised adapted feeding system that offers you the solution to wean young piglets if necessary.

Advantages of the Milkiwean Feeder:

  • Always fresh feed produced
  • Less feed wastage
  • Warm feed
  • Regular feed intake for piglets
  • Feeds 25 – 30 piglets at once
  • By adjusting water supply, you can alter the texture of feed



  • An effective hygienic powder for all livestock environments
  • Dry Disinfectant pH-neutral
  • Non Toxic Skin friendly
  • Environmentally Safe Binds ammonia
  • Reduces humidity Effective against bacteria
  • Effective against fungi

Selko – BE+

How to check on yeast development

  • Store a sample of your wet feed in a closed plastice bottle @ room temperature.
  • If yeasts are present gas production can be seen within 4 hours – See picture.

Importance of Good Feed Hygiene

When feed hygiene is not under control problems are caused by large amounts of yeast in by-products and liquid feeding. Yeast consumes the sugars and starch in the liquid feed and produces carbon dioxide and water. This results in the following:

  • Nutritional value of the feed decreases
  • Feed intake can decrease by 10-20%
  • Causes upset stomachs and disease
  • Lower growth rate.

Selko – BE+ achieving Good Feed Hygiene

  • Works selectively against yeasts and gram negative bacteria
  • Growth of the useful lactic acid bacteria is not affected.
  • Reduces pH-value of the by-product & gives no deviations in taste and smell
  • Is a liquid product which can easily be dosed automatically

For results see table below

Before Treatment After Treatment Difference in %
Death (%) 3,9 2,1 -46%
Feed intake (kg/day) 88%DM 1,81 1,89 +4,5%
Growth per day (gram) 713 763 +7%
FCR 2,55 2,47 -3%
EW Conversion 2,84 2,75 -3%



The acid concept as drinking water additive against bacteria, yeast and moulds.

Moulds, yeasts and bacteria, like E – Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter, can develop very quickly in the water. Polluted drinking water is not only consumed reluctantly but it is also a continual contamination source and can cause diseases and decrease performance of the animals.

Selko -pH: What it can do for you?

  • Selective direct and indirect effect against E.Coli, Salmonella, yeasts and moulds
  • Stabilizes water quality
  • Increases the performance of the animals (daily gain, feed utilization)
  • Diminishes the risk of blocked drinking nipples
  • Leads to more healthy animals (e.g. improved skin colour).
  • Improves Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Less dependency on antibiotics
  • Recommended for feed to reduce diarrhoea and stress during moving.


For more information, speak to our Pig Feed and Nutritional expert:
Declan Murphy
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