Makeway Ltd. provides a wide range of nutritional products and services based on farm support and advice. All mineral and concentrate premixes are tailor made to farm requirements. Products are designed to obtain optimum feed efficiency and daily liveweight gain.

Makeway provides a range of premix and feed material options to its customers. This is achieved through a targeted approach where individual customers and individual farm requirements are analysed and diet specifications are matched to performance potential to ensure that the potential of the farm is maximised.

In correspondence with various feed companies, Makeway Ltd markets feed & feed additives that provide benefits for feed producers and farmers.

“The aim of providing an ‘ideal protein’ for animals is to get all the amino acids in the right balance to support the maximum protein growth.”

The company also provides a feed raw material purchasing and supply service – assisting customers in using the complexities of the markets to achieve best value in one of the biggest cost areas of pig production.